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California Chiropractic Association is the one-stop resource for chiropractic doctors to stay on top of the latest legislative and regulatory actions impacting their licenses, practices and patients; information on the latest clinical findings and trends; insurance and industrial relations issues and much more. As an additional return on dues investment, CCA member have exclusive access 24-7 to this essential data, along with free information kits and fact sheets covering more that 60 topics important to the success of your practice, laws and regulations governing chiropractic doctors and their patient treatment, fee schedules, frequently called numbers, on-line promotion of your practice and so much more.

Members Now Have Access to Topic Experts through the CCA Member Resource Center

Get excited! The CCA Member Resource Center just got even better! CCA is thrilled to announce that we've partnered with Empowering Chiropractic to bring you a new and improved CCA Member Resource Center! What does this mean for you? This means that as a CCA Member, you have access to a panel of chiropractic experts for all your practice needs. Whether you have a patient records concern, need to figure out a new code, or are looking for a new fee schedule, you can submit your questions to the professionals!

Brad Hayes, DC
Medicare/PQRS/ Meaningful Use, 
CPT/EHR/Billing, ICD-10, Managed Care
Gary Lewkovich, DC, QME, CO, DAAPM
Personal injury

Wayne N. Whalen, DC
Workers' Compensation, Medi-Cal,
Records/ Documentation, X-ray, Scope of Practice,
 BCE Regulations, Insurance, ERISA,
Covered California, HIPAA, and Other 

Tracy Cole, DC
Medi-Cal, Medicare DOT

Cliff Tao, DC, DACBR

Thomas Mangione
CEO of Empowering Chiropractic

New Freshdesk Ticketing System

As we transition to this new member service, we will be implementing a new ticketing system in order to expedite our services. The Freshdesk ticketing system is a platform that allows you to submit your question, which automatically gets routed to the appropriate expert. From there, you can track the status of your ticket and communicate with your expert. It also allows you to view any past ticket information all in one convenient location. What about calling the CCA Member Resource Center? We're evaluating the best way to handle phone calls and still provide the best member experience. For now, you are welcome to call and we will submit a Freshdesk ticket for you. Since our experts are also practicing doctors, filling out a ticket avoids having to play phone tag and provides you a written response to your issue. We look forward to continuing to offer the best for our members and can't wait for you to enjoy the newest benefit of being a CCA Member!


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