CalChiro Membership


  • We advocate for you! CalChiro has a consistent presence with legislators in protecting the chiropractic scope of practice.
  • For Members Only: Members receive special members-only pricing and benefits including helth insurance for chiropractors, staff and family.
  • Valuable Resources: We have resources to help in your practice with access to a panel of chiropractic industry experts and marketing resources from F4CP.
  • Education: Discounts on in-person and distance learning continuing education.
  • Give Back: You have the opportunity to join committees, provide continuing education in your areas of expertise, participate by being involved with board governance and more.
  • Stay Current: Member communications from our member only newsletter, The Weekly Adjustment (TWA) and the Education Calendar with current continuing education resources.
  • Enhance Your Resume: An affiliation with your professional state association shows your involvement and dedication to your profession
Activator Institute VT

Online Training Program from Activator Methods

The California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) has partnered with Activator Methods International to offer CalChiro members additional continuing education opportunities. Founded on the principles of having a safe and effective method of adjusting the patient, Activator Methods International has been providing chiropractic care, resources and training since 1967. The company’s major contribution to chiropractic care is discovery and development of the world’s most popular instrument adjusting technique, the Activator Method and the line of Activator adjusting instruments.

Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence (ACE)

Now is a FABULOUS time to get your practice on track to reach unprecedented levels of success!

Dr. Tom & Kim Klapp share all their systems which are consistently honed and updated for today’s practice environment. Dr. Tom has been in practice for 40 years; Kim has been running it for 25 years…that’s a ton of combined experience which continues to evolve every day!

Over the past year, they’ve embraced brain-based chiropractic as the gold standard for patient education starting on visit 1. They’ve created the patient communication and practice systems that translate brain-based chiropractic care into higher retention, referrals and collections.

Join today for $177 per month and get access to important training that will keep your team motivated, invigorated, and focused on improving your practice. Membership includes UNLIMITED SUPPORT with Kim and/or Dr. Tom Klapp so there’s no way for you to fail. The sooner you register, the longer you will have access to this month’s online course 24/7; give your CAs the training, tools and systems to increase your practice success!

CalChiro Member Resource Center

The California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) Member Resource Center just got even better! CalChiro is partners with Empowering Health Network to bring you a new and improved online ticketing member resource center!

What does this mean for you? This means that as a member, you have access to a panel of chiropractic industry experts for all your practice needs. Whether you have a patient records concern, need to figure out a new code, or are looking for a new fee schedule, you can submit your questions to the professionals! You can access this benefit through the red “Get Help” button on the upper left side of the CalChiro home page.


Insurance Reimbursement Solutions

ChiroCode’s flagship product is the annual DeskBook and Chiropractic ICD-10-CM Coding book. Their products are designed to cover everything you need to know about chiropractic coding, billing, and reimbursement so that Chiropractors run a smooth and effective business. The ChiroCode DeskBook is your comprehensive go-to chiropractic reimbursement manual for the support you need to get paid properly and keep it. This comprehensive resource includes chapters on Insurance Reimbursement and Claims, Medicare, Compliance, Documentation, Diagnosis Codes (ICD-10-CM), Procedure Codes (CPT), and Supply Codes (HCPCS).
We are excited to also include:

  • Audit templates to help you perform your own internal audits
  • ICD-10 chapter with commonly used codes and tips for chiropractic offices
  • Annual update checklists for practical monthly compliance steps, including training
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from our HelpDesk, compiled into one handy reference

CalChiro members receive a 10% product and services using this link HERE


Discount medical plan to CalChiro members and their patients.

(888) 719-9990

ChiroHealthUSA is a provider owned network, that works in conjunction with a Discount Medical Plan Organization (DMPO) that was designed with doctors in mind. Our network model allows you to offer legal network based discounts to cash, under insured and “out of network” patients who are members. Patients covered by Medicare and federal programs are eligible for discounts on non-covered services. The network approach to discounts reduces the risks of compliance and OIG violations related to inducements, improper down coding, dual fee schedules and potentially inappropriate time of service discounts. ChiroHealthUSA only makes membership available to individuals, which means there is no potential for “silent PPOs” activity to lower your reimbursements. The ChiroHealthUSA membership covers your patient and legal dependents for a small annual fee of $49.00.


Defending yourself from billing errors proceedings or other regulatory actions can be financially devastating. It will likely cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars more than your malpractice policy may cover. Are you prepared to fight that battle alone? Now, you don’t have to.

NAS has substantially reduced the cost of CHUSAdefense for ChiroHealthUSA providers and NCMIC malpractice insurance policyholders.



Chiropractic Website Services

ChiroMatrix founded in 2002 and with a growing client roster that tops 6,000 practices, is the largest and most trusted provider of online marketing solutions for chiropractors. As a Google Premier Partner, ChiroMatrix excels at connecting practices of all sizes with more new patients online. It offers websites, social media, videos marketing, paid online advertising, search ranking optimization, and other services to help chiropractic practices grow to their maximum potential.

Exclusive Offers for CalChiro Members

  • Complimentary one-on-one website evaluation
  • 50% off the setup of any new marketing service
  • Plus, receive a FREE Office Video with service

Contact ChiroMatrix at 855.885.8784 or CLICK HERE to redeem your member offer today!

Chiropractic Assistant Membership Program

One Complimentary Membership Under a Full-Active member

CalChiro knows how important it is to have a great support staff, and because of that, we want to be here to support your Chiropractic Assistants. Every Full-Active CalChiro member is entitled to one (1) complimentary Chiropractic Assistant Membership. This allows you Chiropractic Assistant to access the member-only section of the website, get help through CalChiro’s “Get Help” feature on our homepage, and member-only pricing at events.

Have more than one (1) Chiropractic Assistant in your office?  You can add additional CA memberships with the same great benefits for only $168 per year.


Contact Tiffani Renard, Membership Director at to sign them up today.

Clinical Compass

As a CalChiro member you now have free access to the Clinical Compass Evidence Center, which is a library of research summaries of relevant and current peer-reviewed journal articles either as abstracts or full-text with an annotated bibliography for each topic.

CalChiro Members, contact Tiffani Renard at 916.648.2727 or to gain FREE access to the Evidence Center. Individual member subscriptions will last for one year from the time they register. Your state association discount code is good until December 31, 2022.

  • Learn more about the Evidence Center HERE.
  • CLICK HERE for the most recent Clinical Compass update.  
  • CLICK HERE for a more in-depth introduction to the Evidence Center by Clinical Compass Chair Dr. Louis Crivelli.

We’ve Got Your Back

California Chiropractic Association’s network of DCs, wellness partners, thought leaders and masterminds promote the advancement of chiropractic doctors and chiropractic care.


E-billing Service Specializing in Workers’ Compensation Billing.

The California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) has partnered with DaisyBill. DaisyBill is an e-billing service that specializes in Workers’ Compensation Billing. Our strategic partnership has provided their services to medical professionals across the nation and they are confident that they can improve your billing and collections process.

CalChiro Members receive a 20% discount!

Even better: No strings attached — you can cancel at any time with no cancellation fee. Interested?

Join the ranks of work comp professionals who use DaisyBill to make their billing lives easier.

For more information, contact Sarah Moray at

Client Testimonials:

They respond to questions almost faster than we can ask them! We’re extremely happy with DaisyBill as a billing agent. Ebilling has cut down on our payment timelines by weeks in many cases and the clear documentation DaisyBill keeps for each bill sent has reduced a lot of hassle for our collections team.
– Julie C., practice management service

“Moving from a paper system to DaisyBill is like going from the stone age to the space age. Our collections are up 80%, and payments now roll in within weeks as opposed to months.”
– John A., MD, impairment rating specialist

You continue to amaze me with your innovation and efficiency and your continued support to the workers comp medical professional. DaisyBill has consistently evolved to keep up with this changing industry and I personally would not be capable of performing my job in such a high capacity without you!
– Daphne C., medical evaluations practice

Fascinating Fine Print:

  • This offer is only available to the practitioners and organizations of the California Chiropractic Association members to whom we sent the sale email –it cannot be transferred, sold, or otherwise passed along; nor is it available to current billing clients. Sorry!
  • $600 Success Training required. We train your team on everything about workers’ comp billing, not just our software.
  • 1-on-1 training sessions with a workers’ comp expert, including setting up workflows to help organize your practice.
  • Audit of your organization’s workers’ comp billing process.
  • Applying best practices to your process, such as building in time-saving functionality based on your practice needs.
  • Trouble-shooting problem areas and non-compliant billing.
  • And, of course, training your administrative, billing, and collection staff to use DaisyBill like a pro, for easier, faster, workers’ comp billing.
  • To the extent you choose to use the following optional functionality, normal fees apply:
  • Requests for Authorizations – $1.00 per submission plus $0.10 per each page exceeding 10 pages.
  • Bill Forwarding – $1.00 per submission plus $0.10 per each page exceeding 10 pages.
  • Mail submissions invoiced for postage.

For more information, contact Sarah Moray at


Merchant Services Program

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with products and services that can help your business grow and succeed, CalChiro has formed a merchant services partnership with ExpiTrans, an industry leader in payment processing.  ExpiTrans is well positioned to provide secure, reliable and low-cost merchant services to member like you.  They can create a merchant services program that meets all your needs and lets you concentrate on what is most important — your patients and your business.

Contact Noreen Kaim today at 516-619-6615, by email at or at to find out more.


In-Person & Distance Learning Continung Education

CalChiro offers in-person and distance learning discounted CE opportunities for DCs to receive continuing education credits for DC license renewals with the CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners (BCE).

View our on demand library HERE.

View our upcoming in-person events and webinars HERE.

FECA Billing

Federal Employee Billing

FECA Billing has a 20-year history of reviewing and reprocessing federal employee worker’s comp claims accurately. FECA Billing is under contract with the Department of Labor. Our proprietary software submits electronically to the Department of Labor and pays the medical provider the maximum allowable amount.
FECA Billing has reviewed thousands of medical bills and recovered millions of dollars for medical providers who service Federal Employees.
FECA Billing has found that 90% of all Federal Workers Comp Medical bills do not get paid accurately because of wrong diagnosis codes and CPT codes submitted.  There are millions of dollars to be adjusted on past paid bills.  We can go back seven years to claim these monies for medical providers billing Federal Workers Compensation.
There are NO UPFRONT FEES. Sign up for a free review and find out how much money you qualify to receive.
CalChiro members receive 55% of recovered funds (usually 50%).

Questions? Contact Mike Maddy, FECA Billing Chief Revenue Officer, at 415.712.1333.

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP)

Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP)

As a member of the California Chiropractic Association, you are granted complimentary membership to the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress through our enrollment in Group Membership.

 Free Access to Numerous F4CP Group Membership Benefits Such As: 

  • Listing in National Directory (Find-A-Doctor), which is linked to all national promotions
  • Marketing Toolkits
  • Advertisements
  • White Papers 
  • Press Releases 
  • Podcasts
  • Practice Building Webinars 
  • Advertorials and Social Syndications
  • Infographics
  • Social Media Accelerators

Click here to watch a webinar how to utilize your membership with F4CP.

If you need assistance setting up your account or utilizing the marketing materials, please contact F4CP’s Membership Director Marta Cerdan.


Supplements for Active CalChiro Members

Fullscript is a free online supplement dispensary that integrates with any practice. Switch between virtual dispensing, stocking supplements in-office, or writing one-to-many care to create a supplement dispensing mix that fits your workflow. Use Fullscript to help automate refills and strengthen patient relationships and adherence from any device — or even within your EHR.

Choose between a margin (earn passive income) or no-margin account before browsing over 300 practitioner-grade brands with the industry’s best search. Fullscript also supports practices beyond the point-of-care. Adherence-boosting tools, automated marketing support, and curated patient wellness content will keep your patients on track and your practice top-of-mind.

Sign up for Fullscript FREE

IHA Health

Health Insurance for Chiropractors, Staff and Family

If you are self-employed or an independent contractor, you now have exclusive access to IHA Health powered by Conquer. IHA Health offers a variety of specifically designed Comprehensive ACA Compliant Major Medical plans. If you are in good or reasonably good health, IHA Health is the place for you. Click here to learn more about the 2022 Chiropractor Medical Insurance Program.

CalChiro Member Dr. Deborah Beach has already signed up for the IHA Health member benefit and had this to say:

I am SO excited!! I have been searching for an affordable health insurance for the last 3 years with no success!!

This member benefit is awesome! There are two insurance company choices. Each choice has multiple options. The prices are good. The process was very easy. The application is simple. I should be able to start at the beginning of next month! I am thrilled and very grateful for all your work helping us get this benefit.

Deborah Beach, DC


  • 12 Comprehensive Plans to Choose From
  • ACA Compliant
  • Affordable Pricing
  • No Age Banded Rates
  • Copays for Primary, Specialist and Urgent Care
  • National PPO Network
  • No Plan Lifetime Limits
  • $0 Copay Telemedicine
  • Rates are based on the completion of a Personal Health Questionnaire
  • Available Underwriting Tiers:
    • Preferred
    • Preferred Plus
    • Standard
    • Standard Plus
    • Decline to Quote


  • A Minimal Essential Coverage Plan – MEC
  • A Non-Compliant Hospital Indemnity Plan
  • The ACA Marketplace
  • Faith Based Shared Plan
  • IHA Health Plans are not available in the state of Washington


Questions about IHA Health contact Mark Ritchie at (614) 214-8334 or

Kanvas App

Custom Built Practice App

As a member of CalChiro, you are entitled to a phenomenal discount on your very own, custom built, practice app, by Kaizenovate’s Kanvas App. Highly customizable, your app will help you differentiate from competitors, bring in more new patients, and improve practice adherence to maximize patient lifetime value.

You’ll Also Boost Your Practice’s Presence By…

  • Attracting New Patients: Use their assessment feature to offer free value (light stretches and exercises based on symptoms) to potential patients.
  • Improving Compliance: Improve patient outcomes (and your bottom line) with their Rewards feature.
  • Building Community: Stay connected with your patients and give them instant access to your clinic, ensuring they get the best experience possible while you grow your brand.

Lock in your discount TODAY!

Schedule a FREE Demo to get access to the discount! As a CalChiro Member, you’ll receive 50% off Development of your App ($999 usually $1999) and 25% off Monthly ($149/month usually $199/month).

See What Kanvas Can Do… Download Their Demo App Today!

CLICK HERE to download on Google Play.
CLICK HERE to download from the App Store.

Questions? Email:

Malpractice Insurance

Doctors Malpractice Insurance Solutions

Have you checked lately if your malpractice insurance
company is giving you the best coverage at a
competitive rate?

At DOCTORS’ MALPRACTICE INSURANCE SOLUTIONS, we strive to provide the most comprehensive coverage with a top rated insurance carrier.  Protecting your financial interests has been, and remains to be, our main priority. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, you are committed to taking care of your patients. We are committed to taking care of you.
Click the link to get a quote, or give us a call.

CLICK HERE  or call (800)293-9190

Coverage Benefits Include

  • Financial Strength: Coverage placed with a carrier with an A++ A.M. Best financial strength rating.
  • Paternal Leave/Place Policy on Hold: You can now pause your policy for health reasons or paternal leave and not have to pay
    for your premium while you take a temporary break from practicing.
  • Medicare/Medicaid Billing Defense Coverage: Individualized limits to cover if the government audits your practice.
  • Third Party Payor Coverage: Individualized limits to cover if a third party (e.g. a healthcare insurance company) were
    to file a claim against you for improper billing or reimbursement.
  • HIPAA Proceedings Coverage: Individualized limits to cover if a patient alleges a HIPAA violation.
  • Free Risk Management Resources: Get access to a library of risk management material, CE class courses, chiropractic association perks and more.

Discounted Supplies and Equipment

CalChiro is thrilled to announce our partnership with Meridian. Meridian is a service that will help you manage your practice and reduce overhead cost. The CalChiro Member Benefit Platform contains exclusive member discounts, technology, services and more! As a strategic effort to bring additional value to our network, the benefit partners on the platform are fully vetted to provide you, our member, the best in service and savings available.

From discounted supplies and equipment to the best in professional services, this platform brings together many products and services to help you manage your practice cost effectively and efficiently. We’ve highlighted some of the savings below that will be passed on to your practice. This platform is available exclusively to CalChiro members. Most importantly, this is not just any discount portal. There are real savings that can help you manage your practice better and reduce overhead cost.

Here are just some of the discounts that have been negotiated on behalf of our members:

  • Healthcare Supply Discounts of more than 20%
  • Discounted Identity Protection
  • Up to 80% Savings at Office Depot
  • Exclusive ADP Program and Discount
  • Compliance and Training Discounts (over $1,200 a year in savings)
  • Nutrition and Supplement Integration Guide
  • Travel and Lifestyle Discounts
  • Best Practice Guides in Marketing, Financial Management, Legal and much more

For a brief video overview of the CalChiro Member Benefit Platform, or to schedule your Member Benefit Concierge call, please CLICK HERE.

If you’re ready to register and view your benefits, please CLICK HERE.

Quartermaster Tax Management

Pro-active Tax Planning Firm

The California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) announces an opportunity for its members to work with Quartermaster Tax Management and help reduce their tax burden.

“We (Quartermaster Tax Management) are a pro-active tax planning firm that works specifically with chiropractors to help reduce their tax burden. Since we only work with Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs), we have become experts in identifying the unique tax situations that chiropractors struggle with and have come alongside them to help! On average we help our DCs save between 30-50% on their taxes and the best part is that we do not require that they change their CPA! As an added value, all CalChiro members receive a free tax x-ray that allows us to see a general view of their tax situation and how we can best help them. This x-ray is normally a $500 value but we offer it free to all CalChiro members.”

“Most DCs are overpaying on their taxes by 30-50%. Quartermaster Tax Management offers a FREE Tax X-ray to all CalChiro members to help you find out how much you’re overpaying. Your personalized presentation will include information on how to reduce your tax burden and keep more of the money you worked hard for in your pocket. To schedule your free personal tax x-ray, please call our office: 704-490-4111.”

Through this collaborative initiative, all CalChiro members are granted:

  • A FREE personal Tax X-ray – Call 704-490-4111

A Business software which helps better connect doctors to patients, streamline operations and grow revenue!

SpotOn is a company that specializes in business software which helps better connect doctors to patients, streamline operations and grow revenue.

Their SpotOn Poynt System collects customer contact information and accepts payments wherever customers are with their flexible hybrid POS terminal.

SpotOn Poynt also has built-in tools to collect patient contact information during the checkout process, enabling patient engagement through social media, email, and mobile alerts to increase traffic and grow revenue.

Members receive a free SpotOn Poynt System* (a $400 value)

*If you wish to try out one of the other Point of Sale Systems SpotOn offers, you will get a discounted rate TBA.

To learn more about the Poynt System, CLICK HERE

tMed by Titan HST

A Telehealth Platform

The California Chiropractic Association (CalChiro) is thrilled to announce our NEWEST member benefit and partnership with tMed by Titan HST. tMed is a pandemic capable telehealth platform that empowers medical providers to quickly and remotely connect directly with their patients, both for medical consultations and for general mass communication.

Here’s How tMed Can Help Your Practice! 

  • They Offer Simple and Instant Enrollment: Step 1, upload patients and staff who will receive an automated email; Step 2, practice video medicine!
  • You’re Able to Generate Revenue, Save Time and Reduce Costs: Save time on Personal Protective Equipment, the time required to put it on, and maintain lower cost per visit than the cost of protective equipment per visit.
  • Enjoy Reliable Video Calling & Simple Workflow: Connect to patients in your virtual waiting room, treat, discharge and repeat.
  • Real-Time Translations: Allows you to bridge language barriers across 13 different languages and counting.
  • Easy to Access Documents & Videos: Store and share documents, videos, pictures and more with patients or staff.
  • Group Conferencing: Mobilize resources by video chatting with up to 50 people per thread, 250 audio callers per thread or text message with an unlimited number of users without sharing phone numbers.
  • Mass Communication: Send informational messages including video, audio, picture and text to patients and staff.
  • MOST IMPORTANT! NO CONTRACTS, NO MONTHLY FEES: Connect with your patients for only a few dollars per visit – tMed costs you nothing unless it is generating revenue for you! Flexible payment plans are available with no payment required for the first 100 days!

For maximum reliability, Titan HST utilizes redundant connectivity (Cellular, Wi-Fi, LAN, & Mesh Networking) and diverse notification methods (Mobile App, Text Message, E-mail, Web Pop-Up, Robo-Call, & Social Media). tMed is accessible via computer, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

tMed by Titan is excited to share that our multi-patented next-gen system has enabled tMed to keep medical providers running during a time where many are forced to shut down.

Schedule a brief 10-15 minute live demo of the tMed platform by CLICKING HERE! In the time it would take to put on one set of PPE, you can mobilize your entire office! 

And CLICK HERE to watch a video on how tMed can help you during this pandemic. 


A low-cost social media solution that lets you focus on your practice.

With over 10 years of experience working with and supporting the chiropractic profession,  VividSocial is a team of social media experts that know what content works for your audience.

They find great content and post directly to your Facebook page, allowing you to focus on
delivering quality patient care while saving time, money and resources. Connect with your patients and increase your practice reach and exposure with a low-cost subscription. VividSocial makes social media easy!

Get 3 posts/week for just $159/month or 5 posts/week for $199/month with an annual subscription to VividSocial. CalChiro Membership discounts are available. Visit to subscribe.

Questions? Want to learn more? Contact Karla Smith, Director of VividSocial, at

Zingit Solutions

Patient Engagement Platform

ZingIt is a robust text-based platform that will elevate your patient engagement.

Excellent communication gets patients into your practice, gives them a good experience, and keeps them coming back. In today’s mobile world, it’s time to reach patients where they want to hear from you—it’s time to leverage text messaging for your practice.

ZingIt can help. ZingIt is a text-based platform that will change the way you engage with your patients. Their software seamlessly integrates with your existing practice management software, offering 100+ practice management and scheduling tools so you can reach and hear back from patients on a whole new level.

BONUS: CalChiro members who sign up will have their set-up fee waived (a $300 value)!

What Does ZingIt Do?

  • Sends automated messages that you program.
  • Allows your staff to easily text and respond to patients in real-time.
  • Messages include appointment reminders, missed or late-to-appointment messages, helpful content before visits, recalls for patients who have lapsed or missed, and review requests. You can also send opt-in marketing messages, birthday and holiday wishes, and more.
  • All messages are customizable, so you have ultimate control over what is sent.

Benefits and ROI
Improving patient engagement offers results to both the patient experience and your bottom line.

  • Bring dormant patients back with automatic appointment invites.
  • Easily reschedule missed appointments, getting away from voicemail phone tag.
  • Improve online reputation, encouraging happy patients to leave reviews.
  • Encourage future appointments by continuing the conversation after patients leave.
  • Keep your practice top of mind with opt-in marketing messaging.
  • And more!

As text-industry pioneers, ZingIt can help you reinvent your mobile communication. You can have real-time, back-and-forth conversations with your patients, using their favorite, most convenient method of communication—their phones. ZingIt will help you every step of the way, from data transfer to messaging set-up to training and beyond.

Request a Demo
Interested in a 20-minute demo? Schedule one now by texting ZINGIT to 55678.

More Information

If you would like more informaiton about membership with CalChiro contact Tiffani Renard at